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360 Property Solution’s, Dewey Vacation Rental Team is the only Real Estate rental service and property management company with offices located in Dewey Beach, which means when you list your home for rent with us, we are here for you – whatever you need, whenever you need it.  We specialize in management of individual vacation properties as well as all aspects of resort condominium and small community management.


“I have never been known to write thank you letters. My general feeling is that the paycheck at the end of the week is in most cases ample compensation. However, my dealings with Dewey Vacation Rentals this season have moved me to initiate this letter of thanks to you and your staff for exceptional service.

“This year with our engaging Dewey Vacation Rentals late in the Spring you and your staff have, in what threatened to be one of the worst rental seasons, I predict will be one of the best. You made sure our property was treated with respect and expedited the correction of any maintenance items that always seem to arise in rental properties. Be assured that if we learn of anyone having property to rent or need a place to vacation, Dewey Vacation Rentals will get our recommendation.”

Stu H.

“In March of last year I purchased my condo at The Surfrider in Dewey as a rental unit, and I couldn’t be more pleased at my decision to have Harry handle the rental and management of my property. It has been the most carefree real-estate investment I have ever had. Everyone involved in the Dewey Vacation Rental Team has been courteous and helpful along with getting the maximum rental on the unit. In a year when it seemed like everything else went wrong this situation turned out to be absolutely right.”

Ron B.

We are very pleased on how the condo looked and appreciate you taking care of our place like it was your own!!

M. Speary

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Dewey Vacation Rentals is a full service vacation rental management and property management agency that markets rental property exclusively in the resort Town of Dewey Beach. We are family owned and operated and offer our homeowners 70 plus years of experience, over 3 generations providing quality accommodations to vacationers seeking the “Dewey Beach Experience”.

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Beyond our Dewey Beach location advantage, Dewey Vacation Rentals offers these home owner services:

  1. Comprehensive marketing and advertising program that gives your property unparalleled exposure.
  2. Rental management of your vacation property including leasing, rent collection, credit card processing, inspections, cleaning, as well as maintenance and repairs
  3. Renter’s security deposit management and prompt return of security deposit after check out and Dewey Vacation Rentals inspection of the vacation property. If damages occur we will provide photos of the damages to lease holder then access the damage repair costs and deduct from renters security deposit.
  4. Home and Property management. Our professionally diverse team of housekeeping and maintenance specialists are qualified to make all minor and major repairs on your home.
  5. Welcome Baskets provided for each check-in, which includes a special Dewey Beach A Way Of Life® Souvenir, current area information, bottled water and saltwater taffy.
  6. Multiple levels of service to homeowners and vacationers that can fill every need.


Let Dewey Vacation Rentals provide the peace of mind you deserve this winter! Let our professionals inspect your house on a weekly basis throughout the winter months.

• Thermostat/HVAC check •
• Inspection of entrance doors and window locks •
• Yard inspection and debris pickup •
• Water leak inspection •

We will email you pictures of any problems or areas of concern that may arise.

Winter House Watch services start as low as $20 per week!

The following services will be provided to Home Owners upon the signing of a Residential Rental Listing Agreement with DVR:

  • Find tenants to rent your vacation property
  • Showing the vacation property to prospective renters
  • Meet renters at check-in
  • Processing of rental income including credit card transactions
  • Inspection of vacation property for misuse or damage after renter checks out
  • Prompt return of security deposit to renters after their check out and DVR’s inspection of the vacation property
  • Provide photos of damages if they occur and deduct from renters security deposit
  • Access the damage repair costs when they occur and deduct from renters Security Deposit
  • Inform renters in writing when damages occur that their security deposit has been deducted and include photos of damage

We realize some vacation property owners only need certain services from time to time. This could be things like cleaning, minor repairs, or shop & purchase replacements for damaged items. Dewey Vacation Rentals offers complete or a-la-carte property management services. It does not matter what type of property you own; condominium, studio apartment, single family home, or large beach house, we service them all.

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A-la-cart Property Management Services

2 Bedroom Home/Condo $60.00 – $90.00
3 Bedroom Home/Condo $80.00 – $145.00
4 Bedroom Home/Condo $100.00 – $165.00
(NOTE: Add $15.00 for each bathroom in excess of 2)
Wash bedspreads $50.00

Provide guest welcome basket from $25.00 and up.

Any and all maintenance will be billed at $55.00 per hour plus materials

Example of Types of Maintenance Issues:
Screen replacement or repair
Sliding patio door maintenance
Replace smoke detector batteries
Pressure washing
Interior or exterior painting
Replace light bulbs
Drywall repair
Re-attach towel bars to wall
Repair or replace refrigerator shelf brackets
Repair or replace curtain rods or blinds
Repair of broken chairs
Repair of bifold doors
Clean lint or bird nests from dryer vents
Repair clogged drains
Repair clogged garbage disposals
Refresh garbage disposals
Replace locks or door knobs
Shop/purchase replacements for damaged items
Water remediation
And much more…