Key Holder Services

Everyone needs that trusted neighbor around the corner to rely on for basic attention and care of your home when you’re not around—a perfect service for the homeowner who lives out of town.

$400 per Month

Appointment as the local representative

The Town Commissioners voted to require homeowners within town limits to name a local representative on their Residential Rental License Application. This is a responsibility that the Town enforces on homeowners as an insurance that someone local is available 24/7 to handle any problems that might occur during a visit (complaints or other incidents). Dewey Vacation Rentals is here to offer that representation, assuring everyone that the property is in trusted hands.

Inspection after cleaning for check-in ready

We understand that trusting your cleaning team can only go so far when you’re not around to inspect. No homeowner wants to learn the hard way that a thorough cleaning was not performed, and we make sure that doesn’t happen! We inspect the property (both inside and surrounding grounds for litter, etc.) soon after cleaning and before the next check-in, ensuring that the property is in tip-top shape for your next renter.

Key Exchange Services

As a courtesy, we will hold the key where we can personally meet and greet your guest when it’s time for check-in, handing over the key to your property and reviewing both the house rules and other important information. A method like this has its benefits in that it gives the key exchange a personal touch, introducing the guest to town and generating the kind of connection and conversation that promotes return guests. Meeting the guest also makes hosting special (in that it allows a bit of subtle “screening” in case there is anything suspicious) and it makes for an easy and secure check-in.

Welcome Packets

Allow us to welcome your guests with an array of the latest and greatest information in a Welcome Packet at check-in. This is a huge convenience for your guests where we provide the information that they don’t have to go looking for. We’ll include details of local events in and around Dewey Beach happening the week of their rental, suggestions for a rainy day, coupons for shopping and dining, menus, Town of Dewey Beach parking restrictions, permit information, and more.

Inspection after check out

After your guests leave, it’s important for a trusted party to inspect the property for any possible damage as well as any necessary immediate attention before the next party checks in. At Dewey Vacation Rentals, we are hands-on with a full crew on deck to handle anything and everything that needs repairing or special cleaning asap and will schedule accordingly. Dewey Vacation Rentals is not responsible for parts or for labor to repair.

Email us today and let us take care of your home when you’re not around!