Insurance Claims Management

The vacation rental insurance claim: it’s the greatest fear of any property owner – more so for owners of vacation homes or rental properties.

It seems everyone has heard the story before: While your vacation rental home has been meticulously maintained by your property management company, the adjacent neighbor has not been so fortunate. One of their pipes bursts and spills water into your unit damaging your walls and floors. Or a storm causes unforeseen damage to your roof, windows, or siding.

Many homeowners in the Delaware beaches area live more than an hour and a half away. In some cases, their second home remains empty for months, leaving possible damage undetected and even made worse over time.

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When your beach home is trusted to Dewey Vacation Rentals, the damage is found quickly, response teams are assembled, and immediate action is taken. Furthermore, your vacation rental insurance claims process is made easier as your Dewey Vacation Rentals property manager can meet the insurance adjuster, coordinate contractors, and remain in constant communication with you about the status of your unit.

You can rest easier knowing your property is in the capable and experienced care of the staff at Dewey Vacation Rentals.