Rental Benefits

You’ve taken the plunge and purchased your dream home on the shore. Unfortunately, you can only carve out a few weeks from your busy schedule to visit it. Why don’t you put that property to work by listing it on the rental market?

The professionals at Dewey Vacation Rentals are experts on real estate rental market rates, local culture and information, and the upkeep and management of resort properties.

As property managers, we will find a way to get you the most income from your rental, while protecting your investment. Your home will be listed in the most effective markets, to the correct demographic of potential renters, and with the least amount of risk to your property.

Tenant screenings afford you peace and comfort that your home is treated with respect. Site maintenance from the knowledgeable staff at Dewey Vacation Rentals preserves your property value and appearance.

By renting your unit with Dewey Vacation Rentals—and trusting our Property Management team—your property can earn you money.

  • Property Management
  • Accurate Marketing
  • Tenant Screenings and Background Checks
  • Frequent Site Inspections
  • Maintenance and Repairs